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Terms & Conditions for Becoming Franchise.
Published on July 21, 2004 By Worldwide Couriers In Business

** The Franchisee will be operated at the option of those willing to act as such.

** The Franchisee has to function at the Specified Location only.

** The Applicant has to deposit refundable & interest free Security Deposit.

** The tenure of the Franchisee will be for 11 months and shall be renewable at the option of either the Company or the

** The Company has the right to terminate the Franchisee at his option if it contravenes any of these Terms and Conditions.
However either of the Party have to issue a month notice for closing the Franchisee in normal circumstances.

** The Franchisee is authorized to book Consignments only for the Destinations where the Company is having Services.

** The Franchisee will use printed Stationary purchased from the Company only.

** The Franchisee will install Company Name and Logo Board Outside and Inside Office Premises.

** The Franchisee will not use Services of any other Company / Network.

** The Company will raise Weekly Invoices to the Franchisee against the Consignments booked by the Franchisee and services
for the Company has rendered it.

** The Franchisee can enjoy credit limit of seven days only. However, the Credit Amount will be strictly limited to the 75% of its
Security deposit.

** The Franchisee will make advance payment for Specific Services wherein Prepaid Consignment notes are being used.

** The Franchisee will ensure strict compliance of all Company Policies and will be governed by all Rules and Regulations
described by the Company time to time.

** The Franchisee will also be governed by all Terms and Conditions mentioned overleaf of the Shipper copy of the Consignment

** The Franchisee will be held absolute responsible in case of any Legal Dispute raised due to violation of Company Policies /
Terms and Conditions.

** The Franchisee will ensure Strict Compliance for implementing and completing all Govt. Laws related to its Business activity
and will be responsible for any consequences.

** Prohibited items for booking shall not be accepted. The Company holds no responsibility over violation of any of the above
terms and conditions.


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