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Published on June 4, 2004 By Worldwide Couriers In Business
Today exchange of letters is an indispensable part of business communication, as without it most of the activities of business seem not possible. In this modern era of swift communication, one may ask if any of the business activities could be accomplished over the phone or in person. In very few cases, these two methods may be suitable to get one’s message across. But not all the business people have the time to visit clients personally and long distance telephone calls can be time consuming and expensive. More importantly, most people can retain only about one fourth of what they hear. The chances of one’s message being forgotten or misunderstood are very high if one relies on these two methods of communication. . E-mail and Fax, the other methods of communication are also not considered suitable from privacy point of view as well as one cannot be sure of the message being accurately transmitted and received by the recipient. “Putting in Writing” is therefore, considered one of the best methods of communication.

The services offered by the postal authorities could not be said satisfactory going by the requirements of the customers like one has to go to the Post office for sending any letter or parcel across. This led the birth of a parallel system, the courier services. The comfort and the service provided by the couriers enlarged the scope and strengthened the growth of the industry, which spread enormously especially in recent years. Today courier services are found everywhere whether its villages or metropolitan cities.

At FCML, we offer you our commitment to serve you to the best of our ability by providing services, which make your life easier and more comfortable in terms of communications. We believe in constantly reviewing of our existing services and introduction of news ones from time to time.

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