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See I am from Courier Industry, people around me usually says that I have done Masters Degree in Couriers. I have always done better than the past Experiences. As per my experience I have seen that common man pays high rates for the Services which he can get very Cheaply. By writing articles like this one is just to Educate people about the Money which they can save while sending letters parcels Out side India. This Article is just for General Awareness & ideas expressed are of the writer & can be wrong. Author assumes no Responsibilty.
1). Calculation of weight:

Courier rates are usually calculated on ½ Kgs basis. 1st half kgs & then additional half kgs. A fraction of increase in weight takes it to higher slabs. So when you have to send something 1st of all check its weight. A parcel weighing 550 gms will be charged as 1 kg but in many cases by using a light weight packing or removing avoidable things (Not the required ones) you can save for additional Half Kgs.

2). International Courier Companies:

For sending an International Courier there are basically 6-7 globally recognised Courier Companies like: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, (Called 1st 4 companies here after) Aramex, Airborne Express & OCS (other 3). The First 4 has their Independent network for Through out the world While other 3 have specific areas of their Specailisation. Apart from these all other Couriers which are doing international Courier business has their 2-3 offices in foreign Countries (Called Self Network Couriers), in major cities only like: New York, London, Frankfurt. For the rest of the World they depend upon the leader Companies having Decent Network.

3). Now the thing is How to Choose a Cheaper Option:

See none of the Courier Companies listed above is Cheaper for through out the world but they are competetive. Service wise 1st 4 companies go hand to hand They all are better & Meets their deadlines & works with money back guarantee. They all delivers throughout the world in 2-7 days depending upon the location, weight & Customs process. The rate wise TNT is Cheaper for Europe, FedEx, UPS are the Cheapest & The Best for North America. DHL is cheaper for South America, African countries. Aramex is Cheaper for Gulf Countries. OCS is cheaper for Far East Countries like Australia, Japan. Airborne serves only USA & it was the Cheapest & Best, DHL has overtaken Airborne. While sending Courier use the appropriate Company.

4). Self Network Companies:

Apart from Above there are hundreds of Companies working throughout the World Which are termed as:
Self Network Companies. These companies have their own offices in 1 or 2 major locations & they serve rest of the world with the help of other Self Network Comanies or Through the above 7 Companies. Ours FCML WORLDWIDE COURIERS is also one of the Self Network Companies. These companies Usually offer Better rates to the clients rather than the leading Companies because they have rates of all the Companies doing International Courier’s Business. When a Courier has to move through these 7 companies so Why to Pay More. So a retail client should prefer this type of Company.

Friends A Complete Book can be written on this topic but I am ending here, if some one needs more Information write me at: fcml@khalsa.com or visit concerned company’s web site.
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