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I remember a friend of mine who was getting Married in Los Angels. He called me from there & requested me to pick his wedding Dress from his home & send it to his Address in LA. Only 10 days were left in marriage & his relative who has to carry his clothes to LA has fallen sick so the courier was the only Solution. I had merely started the Couriers Business & has no knowledge of this trade but being a confident
Personality I accepted his order. The total weight of his dress was 3 kgs. I picked this dress & Charged his relative the amount which I had to pay say at NO Profit No Loss basis.
I myself made its invoice declared it as A free sample & booked in some decent Courier & informed its tracking number & other details to my friend in LA. He felt very happy while seeing the given number on tracking & assured me good business in future & promised me to recommend me to others also. I also felt proud & a good Feeling was there.
It was 6th day of sending that parcel nearly 5’0 clock in the morning when me phone rung, I picked it & it was from LA my Friend was there. He was burning with anger. He said Stupid what you have done. He told me that he has received his wedding dress but it has cuts on many places. It was torn. I asked him to wait I will call him after talking to Courier officials.

In the morning I reached to the Courier office & told all the story. Courier Company’s manager arranged a copy of the invoice, after going thru it He said fault is yours. Why you had sent it as a Sample. All the samples to USA requires mutilation. I was looking on his face but Nothing could be done. All my efforts had gone in vain plus I could loose a friend.

I do not want this thing to happen with any one of you. So giving Below a few tips on how to send Cloth Items to USA:

1). All shipments should be marked as FREE gift on parcel & Invoice. Never mark it as sample.
2). All gift shipments should always be sent from 1 individual to another never send Gift shipments to or from a company’s name.
3). All gift shipments to USA must be under 100 US dollars value.
4). If value goes up US$ 100 mention: Gift for 2 / 3 persons & mention their Names on Invoice & Parcel.
5). Before sending Parcel confirm the destination custom rules from the Customer Service Executive of the Concerned company as these may change from Time to time or visit Courier’s website.
6). Never mention wrong quantity or wrong items as these can harm your parcel.

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